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Wicka Book Blitz + #Giveaway

Christy Deveaux

Release Date: May 28, 2014
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

While mourning the loss of a mother figure, Elizabeth Blake, a smart but socially introverted seventeen year old girl from Ann Arbor Michigan, thinks she’s enrolling in an international school in the south of France to finish her final year of high school. Instead, she falls in love; finds out that she is a witch from an ancient family –– who weren’t thought to exist anymore; and discovers that her life is in danger, as the Elders believe that she is the heir to a legend they fear above all else.

Wicka, the debut novel by Christy Deveaux, has been compared to other fantasy paranormal tales such as Twilight, written by Stephanie Meyer and Harry Potter, written by J.K. Rowling. Young adults and grown ups alike are sure to love this adventure filled magical romance.
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Book Trailer:

About the Author

Christy Deveaux is the author of The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake series. Her highly anticipated first book in the series, Wicka, was just released this spring (2014). Inspired by traveling across Europe solo at a very young age, and many travel adventures since, the character and story line behind Elizabeth Blake was born. Christy majored in political science and earned a cross-disciplinary degree from the University of Western Ontario. She lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband, three children and a fish named Cow.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Soul Finder #Cover Reveal

Soul Finder
Jacinta Maree
(The Immortal Gene, #2)

Release Date: September 16th 2016
Genres: Dystopian, New Adult, Supernatural

Since being discovered as Soulless, Nadia has become a target for both terrorist groups and government corporations. Now, her only hope for survival rests in the hands of the man sent out to kill her: Diesel, the Mad Dog terrorist.

Diesel is determined to free himself of the never ending curse of reincarnation and the haunting memories that plague his mind. But when his search leads him to Nadia, a greater desire stills him from taking her life.

Unable to see into Diesel’s cracking mind, Nadia instead puts her faith into his strength, fueled by eleven generations of unmatched rage and insanity. Their tight-rope relationship balances the two between life and death, love and rage, trust and betrayal.

Tension pulls at the hems of their dangerous companionship, and as time runs out all madmen must eventually make their choice.

Book two of the thrilling Immortal Gene series dives deeper into the danger of trusting your heart over your head.

Sequel to:

About the Author

Born in Melbourne Australia, Jacinta Maree considers herself a chocoholic with an obsession with dragons, video gaming and Japan. She writes a variety of genres including YA paranormal, steampunk, horror, new adult, dystopian and fantasy. Winner of 2014 Horror of the year and bestselling author, Jacinta writes to bring enjoyment to others while fulfilling her own need to explore the weird and the impossible.

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Blood & Magic Series by Danielle Annett Review + #Giveaway

Cursed by Fire
Blood & Magic Series
Book #1
Danielle Annett

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: January 28, 2015

ISBN: 978-1507538555

Pages: 202
Cover Design: Regina Wamba @ Mae I Design

Goodreads Rating: 3.62
My Rating: 4.5

Book Description:

It has been six years since the Awakening and peace in Spokane, Washington is still tenuous at best. The vampires and shifters are all vying for control of the city and the humans seem to be the ones suffering the consequences, or so it seems.

Aria Naveed has spent the last two years of her life fighting to make the many wrongs of the world right, but soon finds out that the humans aren’t as weak as they appear and may be a more terrifying foe than any of the other races combined.

When a stranger rolls into town with trouble on his heels, Aria finds herself trapped in the middle of a battle that could cost her more than she has bargained for as a fight for justice turns into an unexpected fight for her life.

My Take on the Book:

My reactions in this book were all over the map, ranging from googley eyes and squees to anger on what felt like mere minutes.

It’s a genuinely good book with an intriguing cast of characters and an exciting premise; one that kept me up till late at night and early into the morning…

The Great (Pros):

  • Powers. I loved the idea of people specific powers. Sure, there are other with similar powers but it’s not a generalized set of abilities. ANNNDDD the way they were introduced was pretty cool! 

  • James. Love him! He’s a great friend and swoon worthy. His friendship with Aria is so realistic and awesome… if you ignore his whole going furry side and her unpredictable firework status. Everyone needs a James in there life.

  • Aria. Kicking butts and taking names, this girl is too awesome. She’s a great lead character! She’s a bit stubborn so she makes so majorly stupid decisions but her heart is always in the right place. 

  • Storyline. I liked the ‘newness’ of this storyline. It gives you some backstory so you do see some similarities to other books in this genre but nothing as polished.

  • Supernaturals. I like how all the supernaturals and their systems are formed and explained. I really like how different this in particular is from other books and series.

  • Cover Art. You should never judge a book by its cover, and yet it’s what most of us look at first, so it never hurts to have a book with such an awesome covert image.

The Not So Great (Cons):

  • Jumpy Story. Some parts came off as for lack of a better word jumpy. The flow was compromised almost reading like a form of staccato. 
  • Relationships. While most of the relationships are believable and progress naturally, some seemed forced and lacking which severely impacted to dynamics. It’s very clear that the author is trying to take their relationships somewhere but it kind of fell flat in some places. 
  • Improper foreshadowing. There were some occurrences where it seems like the author is having Aria foreshadow an event or some revelation but her ‘knowledge’ of the situation has yet to be revealed to her. It’s hard to explain without spoiling the story so I’ll attempt it but be warned that it may give away something you as the reader might find important. Ex. Aria notes that only one person in the pack drives a certain vehicle and suggests that the pack knows who this person is, as does she, but then in a later portion she has said character explain to her what he is. It interrupts the flow of the story because you have to reread those sections a couple of times. 

4.5 Quills

This was a solid start to a pretty awesome story! I'm definitely hooked! Its a solid read for anyone who love vampires and shifters and magic.

Kissed by Fire
Blood & Magic Series
Book #2
Danielle Annett

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: September 13, 2015

ISBN: 978-1516881994 

Pages: 192
Cover Design: Regina Wamba @ Mae I Design

Goodreads Rating: 3.92
My Rating: 5.0

Book Description:

As Friend of the Pack, Aria Naveed should be untouchable, protected by the most influential group in the Pacific Northwest. But someone is unleashing rogue vampires to hunt her down, and she is determined to find out why.

When Aria gains command of Sanborn Place and takes on a case involving a mysterious paranormal, her life is put in more peril than ever as she finds herself bound to an influential power player. She doesn’t want to be anyone’s puppet, but must tread carefully as she traverses the streets of Spokane, WA, or risk being overwhelmed by the forces moving against her.

As the only known pyrokinetic in the area, Aria is in high demand, but not for her services. It seems that to those in power, she’s worth more dead than alive, and if a mysterious enemy has their way, she won’t live long enough to find out why.

My Take on the Book:

I was initially a fan or Declan, even going as far as getting a smidge giddy when he popped up on page. He was in a dead heat tie with James. I loved them both. But after reading book 1 in its entirety, I concluded that he was a jerk. I didn’t think anything would make him tolerable. But no other character has ever redeemed himself as well and as thoroughly as he did. By the end of this book I was back on team Declan and getting giddy when he popped up on page again. *I still love James though, and would 1 or both of them ;) *
If it’s possible, which I guess it is, this book was exponentially better than the last. That’s saying something cause the last book was ah-maze-ing.
Aria is still the feisty firecracker that I loved from Cursed by Fire and she doesn’t seem to be losing that quality anytime soon. I love how strong she is. Physically she’s not anything re-donk-you-lus but she never goes down without putting up a fight. I loved these qualities about her, but she is still flawed and human so she definitely drove me nuts and made me angry. There were times I wanted to yell at her.

As far as length goes, this book was a lot quicker to read. Luckily, it wasn’t lacking in anything so the story didn’t suffer. It progressed nicely and filled the gaps and answered questions from book 1.

5 Quills

Are you a fan of Patricia Briggs’ “Mercy Thompson” or Suzanne Johnson’s “Sentinels of New Orleans”? Did you like the first couple of “Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vamp” Series or “Anita Blake”? Then this is definitely the series for you! And now I’m done with the cheesy infomercial lol. Seriously though, this series is great so far. The characters are awesome and the storylines are pretty cool. If you liked any of the books mentioned above, then this is a series you may want to give a chance.

 About The Author
 Danielle Annett is a reader, writer, photographer, and the blogger behind Coffee and Characters. Born in the SF Bay area, she now resides in Spokane, WA, the primary location for her Blood & Magic series.

Addicted to coffee at an early age, she spends her restless nights putting pen to paper as she tries to get all of the stories out of her head before the dogs wake up the rest of the house and vie for her attention.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Dark Dreams and Dead Things Review + #Giveaway


Dark Dreams and Dead Things
Dead Things Series
Book #2
Martina McAtee

Genre: YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Release Date: July 15, 2016

ISBN: 978-1533148414

Paperback Pages: 540
E-book Pages: 510

Goodreads Rating: 4.89
My Rating: 5.0

Book Description:

17-year-old November Lonergan spent her whole life feeling like an outsider. She was right. She’s a reaper like her mother; like her two cousins, Kai and Tristin. The supernatural world believes they are part of a prophecy to save them from an evil known as the Grove. Ember just wants to survive high school and fix the fallout from bringing back her friend.

Old enemies are lurking; waiting for their opportunity to strike but the pack has a new problem. A group of legendary hunters has resurfaced, threatening the reapers and anybody who stands with them. They are making good on their threats too; attacking those closest to the pack.

Their only hope of defeating the Legionaries involves trusting a stranger to perform a dangerous spell to advance Ember and her cousin’s powers. But Ember has a secret; a secret she can’t tell the pack. One that leaves the pack vulnerable.

An attack on pack allies, leaves one member of the group injured and another missing, along with a mysterious girl named Evangeline who may play a bigger part in this than any of them realize. As the Legionaries are closing in, the pack must trust their enemies, enter hostile territories, and play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a psychopath. Their entire plan lynches on a dangerous bargain, but rescuing one member of the pack could mean losing another in their place…possibly forever. 


My Take on the Book:

I did not expect this sequel to be good. In my experience, the follow up in these books are never as good as the first. Especially if the first is really, really good. So I was pleasantly surprised at the awesome factor of this book. It was BETTER than the last and the last had a 5 Quill rating.

The story picks up where we left off in book 1 and I gotta say thank the heavens because I can’t stand unanswered questions. That’s not to say that I don’t have a whole list of them after reading this installment.

The characters got better and the story got more intriguing. I literally couldn’t put this book down. And even if I could, I didn’t want to. I don’t know how Ms. McAtee did it but I love these characters even more than I did before. They got 100 times more endearing and that’s just not natural. The character development in so on point it’s kind of ridiculous. I saw a lot of growth in book 1, then thought to myself sarcastically as I jumped into this book, “how much more can these characters grow?”


They grew. They developed. They rocked. 

Sigh. Mace, I don’t know why I love you so much. I was literally smitten with you since the go in book 1 and while there was a rocky patch to cross here and there, my love stayed strong. So when I got so more insight on you, well let’s just say my heart melted a bit more. Sigh.

This story is heavy on the family theme and to me that’s a gem. Not enough books have that. Also, ahem, I totally love the LGBTQ romance (points at her ankle tat) it’s something that you don’t get enough of in YA books. It’s not something that is discussed enough and I think it should be.

5 Quills

Can I add a .5 to that? 5.5 Quills. Is that a thing I can do? Cause wow. Book 3… where are you? I need you in my life. Seriously guys and girls and everyone in between, hop to it, grab book 1 and start this series! The writing is so fluid and the story so good its honestly a treat to read this book.

Available for Purchase on Amazon

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 Read my Review of book 1 here

About The Author

Martina McAtee lives in Jupiter, Florida with her teenage daughters, her best friend, two attack Chihuahua’s and two shady looking cats. By day she is a registered nurse but by night she writes young adult books about reapers, zombies, werewolves and other supernatural creatures. She wrote her first story when she was five with an orange crayon on a legal pad she stole from her mom’s office. She’s been writing ever since. Her influences include Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine, Joss Whedon, L.J. Smith and even J.K. Rowling. Living in South Florida provides her with plenty of material for the weird worlds she writes about. When she isn’t working, teaching or writing she’s reading or watching shows involving reapers, zombies, werewolves and other supernatural creatures.

Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

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