Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New To Tipsy-Ink: Book Reviews and Blog Tour Hosting

As of last week Tipsy-Ink launched a new feature on the site.... Book Reviews as well as an option for music demos to be featured.

It's easy to participate, just visit the website contact page by clicking this link and fill out the contact form on the right with the correct information. Once you've done that, just wait for an email with further instructions and information.

I am not affiliated with the authors or publishers unless I state otherwise in the post. All my reviews are honest and solely my opinion and no one else's. I am not nor will I be compensated for my review in any way nor do I accept any bribes.

What I'll accept: 

  • Arc 
  • E-books any format but my preference is AZW3 or Mobi 
  • Paperbacks/hardcover 
  • Short stories 
  • Flash fiction 
  • Cover reveals 
  • Novellas 
  • Novelettes 
  • Giveaways 


  • Science Fiction 
  • Young adult 
  • New adult 
  • Adult 
  • Paranormal/supernatural 
  • Chick-lit/romance 
  • Horror 
  • Steam punk 
  • Splatter punk 
  • Thriller 
  • Dystopian 
  • Fantasy 
  • Post Apocalyptic 

My reviews are based on a 5 star system, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.

5 - A perfect read, highly recommended go buy it now
4.5 - A near perfect read, highly recommended
4 - A great read, highly recommended
3.5 - I really liked it, recommended
3 - I liked it, recommended
2.5 - Not my cup of tea but others might enjoy it
2 - Had some interesting aspect(s) but I didn't enjoy it, I might recommend it
1.5 - Kudos for putting yourself out there but I didn't enjoy it, not recommended
1 - Not recommended

*Note: I usually won't put up a review for anything lower than a 2 on my site/blog unless I feel like my dislike has to be shared with my readers. Goodreads/Amazon/BN reviews will always be posted regardless of star rating.