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Paper or Plastic Book Review + #Giveaway

Paper or Plastic
Vivi Barnes

Genre: YA Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 3, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Teen

ISBN: 978-1622665211

Pages: 352
Goodreads Rating: 3.88
My Rating: 4.5

Book Description:

Welcome to SmartMart, where crime pays minimum wage...

Busted. Alexis Dubois just got caught shoplifting a cheap tube of lipstick at the local SmartMart. She doesn’t know what’s worse—disappointing her overbearing beauty-pageant-obsessed mother for the zillionth time…or her punishment. Because Lex is forced to spend her summer working at the store, where the only thing stranger than the staff is the customers.

Now Lex is stuck in the bizarro world of big-box retail. Coupon cutters, jerk customers, and learning exactly what a “Code B” really is (ew). And for added awkwardness, her new supervisor is the totally cute—and completely below her social sphere—Noah Grayson. Trying to balance her out-of-control mother, her starting spot on the school softball team, and her secret crush on the school geek makes for one crazy summer. But ultimately, could the worst store in the world be the best thing that ever happened to her?

My Take On The Book:

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. When I first signed up I was hoping for a good read to kill the time and didn't expect to care for the characters as much as I did. It was both fun and heartfelt. There were the required ups and downs of teenage romance and character growth. It even had the expected detour that every book relationship must undergo but it was done it a very easy going and flowy way. When I say 'flowy' its simply a made up adjective to describe the way the story ahem... flows. I couldn't find the 'right' word so I made up my own. :P

Anywho, this is definitely different from my normal reads as I tnd to read more new adult or paranormal reads but this book and its characters have wormed their way into my treasured story collection!

The Great (Pros):

  • Characters. I feel in love with these characters! They were written so well with very detailed back stories and personalities that they felt almost real. To me characters and their development is uber important to the story itself.
  • Romance. I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy... like most girls and yes I mostly go for a more fantasical(is that even a word) read but this one was so cute and innocent that it literally takes you back to your first love.
  • Friendships. I loved how real the characters were but even more so was the relationships they formed with one another. Most notable is the friendships. While I did want to read more about Noah and Alexis, I found myself more intrigued with her budding friendship with her co-workers and school friends. It was realistic and very tangible.
  • Setting. I got a real kick outta the majority of the story taking place in a store like SmartMart. It reminded me of one of my first jobs at a supermarket. Granted my first job didn't have a clothing department but it made the whole imagining the setting aspect very easy.

The Not So Great (Cons):

  • Twist. Literally the tornado. I felt like it was a bit rushed and too hectic. I loved the end result and that it made the story basically come full circle but it was just the whole outta nowhere tornado that pretty much deflated me. Luckily it doesn't dominate the story and is easy to let go of once its done.

4.5 Quills

I can't wait to read more from this very talented author and definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun romantic comedy! Its also worth mentioning that the title of this book was a really clever way of including the store and its occupants in this adorable love story.

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About The Author 

Vivi Barnes is the author of Olivia Twisted and the upcoming release, Paper or Plastic. She was raised on a farm in East Texas where her theater-loving mom and cowboy dad gave her a unique perspective on life. Now living in the magic and sunshine of Orlando, Florida, she divides her time writing, working, goofing off with her husband and three kids, and avoiding dirty dishes. www.vivibarnes.com

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