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Flirting with Disaster Book Review

Flirting with Disaster
Ava Catori & Olivia Rigal

Genre: Romance
Release Date: July 5, 2015
Publisher: Lady O Publishing

ISBN: 9781514762165
ASIN: B01131TEW4

Pages: 162

Goodreads Rating: 4.27
My Rating: 4.0

Book Description:

Barbara Johnson dreaded going home. It was a simple job to close a factory. She’d done it several times before. What made this time different was being forced back to the very town she’d fled years ago hoping never to return.
Ryder Bishop was strong and sexy. A ladies' man who reserved his loyalty to Ocean Crest, New Jersey. The last thing he expected was to fall for the plentiful figure of the enemy. So when Barbara’s curves called to him he realized it meant trouble.

Were they both flirting with disaster?

My Take:

That was actually pretty cute and sweet.

If I'm honest, I didn't really like Ryder at first. He came off as a shallow misogynist and everything he said and did made me want to punch him. But he's short of like a stray puppy... once you get past the inevitable stink and matted mangy fur you see these adorable eyes that make you fall in love and want to keep him.

Ryder's character takes some getting used to but he definitely grows on you... and I couldn’t help but root for the couple once he pulled his chauvinistic head out of his ass.

I did enjoy the change of pace, if you're looking for a story where bullied picked on outcast falls hard and in turn makes her tormentor love her then this is NOT the book for you.

Once I got over my dislike for Ryder and his character started to grow on me I found myself really enjoying the book even if I felt like his transformation was a little too fast. People don't go from jackass to sweetheart in 1 day, so that took away from the realism.

4 Quills

All in all, I enjoyed the book and its characters. I found the romance to be refreshing in some respects such as Barbara being the more financially stable as well as it not being your typical set up.

About The Authors

Ava Catori

I spend my days tied to my keyboard, being happiest there. With a passion for storytelling, I get lost in the details of building characters and analyzing their thoughts. With a conversational tone, I entertain with fast, fun reads. There’s nothing I like more than putting a couple together, only to tear them apart so they can find their way back to one another.

I live in New Jersey, but sneak away to Florida as often as I'm able. I'm happily married to a patient man who has the ability to sustain long hours of rambling thoughts spilling from me non-stop. With the company of three dogs and a cat, I set my writing schedule around their inability to coordinate their potty breaks. :)

Olivia Rigal

Born in Manhattan, I spent her youth going back and forth between the United States and France.

I lived and studied law in both countries.

While studying I kept herself busy with a variety of jobs.

I worked in the Clignancourt Flea Market as well as in a Parisian recording studio.

In Manhattan, I was a dog groomer and then an administrative assistant in a famous English auction house.

I settled in France to raise my family and travelled throughout South East Asia. I have a special fondness for Laos and Thailand.

When my law practice does not keep me busy in Paris, I run away to write novels in her Florida home next to MacArthur Beach State Park.

In December 2012 I started publishing short novels in English as an independent. Early 2014, I began translating them into French.

The story I tell stand alone. However, my characters often meet so you can run into them again in several stories.

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